Agen poker; what are the limits in agen poker game?


unajus.comAgen poker; what are the limits in agen poker game?. Love playing Poker game online? Well, there are mainly four types of limits in the game no limit, pot limits, fixed limit and spread limit. So let’s have look on these limits of agen poker game.

Fixed limit in the Poker game

The games which have this fixed limit structure, it depends on the choice of the player whether they want to make the bet or not. There are certain rules which by which the amount will be fixed to make sure that there are possibilities of protection and bluffing. At certain points of the game the amount decided for gamble goes double, and this double amount of money is called the big bet in the game. games have certain rules that restrict the gamers to play the big bet and the small bet accordingly. Most of the fixed limit ones permit a pre decided number of raises in a single betting round. Here’s a comprehensive know how of the limits that you should ideally place in a game and how to go about it.


Spread limit – Know it better

This type of spread limit games they allow a player to raise any of the amount within a specified range which cannot be changed. If the players have decided the game will be between 1 to 5 then any player can choose the betting within this range only. The first bet will be according to the decided range and in second bet the range will become double. In this type of agen poker game one need to be careful so that they don’t gives out with one’s choice of bets.

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