Analyzing Your Poker Game

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unajus.comAnalyzing Your Poker Game. If you are playing online poker, a huge key to improving your game is to identify the flaws and correct them. With all the information currently available, there is no excuse for not tracking your game or breaking it after each session. You can do it through a variety of methods, including your own poker spreadsheet, using online tracking software or buying special software that is used to analyze your real poker game. We will break the most common methods of analyzing your online poker game and let you know why it is profitable.

poker indonesia

The simplest way to keep track of online poker games is simply an Excel spreadsheet.

If you decide to do this, be sure to have columns for all important information, including the date of the session, the hours of the session, the poker site you played, the bets you played, the number of entries you used and the profit or total session loss Then, you can have another cell that automatically adds your win / loss to give you the current amount for the money you have won / lost so far. The reason to keep track of things like the hours you played or the poker site you played is to identify trends in your game, how to play better during the day or play better on Poker indonesia.

In addition to tracking your winnings and losses, you can also track the actual game on the tables to identify the holes in your game. Every online poker game you play has a history of text called poker hands history. They may look like boring hand counts without meaning, but in reality they are extremely important when it comes to improving as a player. The reason for this is that you can download all your poker hand histories from the poker site and share them in software that will analyze your game and point out the flaws that lose your money. An example of this software is PokerTracker. Simply place all your hand histories in the poker in a folder, and the software analyzes your hands and tells you what you are doing wrong, if the game is too aggressive, playing too high for bets, etc.

In fact, there are online poker forums dedicated to deciphering numbers that PokerTracker discards.

This can be a bit overwhelming and confusing for the first time, so be sure to check out the top forums, such as, to learn the basics of PokerTracker.

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