Play poker with play money or real money?


unajus.comPlay poker with play money or real money?. Hearing to all the crazy poker pals talking about how they benefitted out of the game, finally you decided to learn it. Now the question of how to go about it would start scratching your head.  As there are many options of learning the game with internet displaying loads of information right from learning to becoming professional, beginners tend to fall in confusion about which site to join, what kind of game to play and other unknown things. Join a trusted site like daftar poker and take a membership.

  When you join a site there will be options provided whether you want to play with real money or play money. A novice player would be in a total confusion as to how this is going to affect his/her game.  Some sites like help you in giving relevant information. So it is better to have a self-check on whether to play with play money or real money.  Here we have tried to explain the difference between the two.


Play money: As the name indicates Play money is fake money that aims at providing experience to beginners and medium level players but has no monetary value.  They are in the form of chips and cannot be converted in to real money. But this can be used to play starter games or which you play for low rakes as there is less risk of losing money.  They are offered almost by all poker sites.

Real money:  Real money is the local currency money like pounds or dollars which you can deposit at the time of joining and playing.

It is obvious that the thrill of Real money cannot be replaced in any game. When you play with Real money there is cut throat competition that goes like a fire to the end of the match. The buy-ins, prize pools and huge cash bonuses all give great enthusiasm to end the match with a win. Apart from the monetary benefits, ego factor also plays its role here. You would definitely not want to be lost so easily and beating numerous players and winning on the final table is quite thrilling. Learning game strategies on the table and assessing the opponent’s skills while playing the game are something which a real money game can offer you.

Play money:  Playing a game with fake currency that is not going to amuse in any way. You cannot experience the feel of real victory in Play money.

Whether it is Real money or Play money there is no substitute to hard work. You can find different players on both the tables. Estimating opponent’s moves and keen understanding of the game strategies is all it takes to be a winner.

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